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4 ways to differentiate between reward and bribe – Times of India

Reward and bribe are the parenting tactics we all use. While both the words are used interchangeably and are considered twins, there is a world of difference between them.

While reward is a positive parenting tactic, bribery is a negative one and should be completely avoided. Here are four easy ways to differentiate between a reward and bribe.

Number 1
Rewards are offered to recognise good behaviour. For example, if the child has done all the homework well or has cleaned his room nicely, you can reward the child.

However, a bribe is offered to stop bad behaviour. For example, if you tell your child to stop doing something and offer them chocolate, it is a bribe and not a reward.

Number 2
Rewards can also be surprises. If you get your child some toys from the market just because they liked it, it can be a reward.

But if you buy them a toy because they are making a ruckus in the market, it will be a bribe.

Number 3
If you feel happy and positive about giving your child a gift, it is a reward.

If you are giving your child something in stress and desperation because you don’t know what else to do, it is a bribe.

Number 4
If your child feels happy and proud about receiving a gift, then it is a reward.

Giving a reward is a parent’s decision and is not negotiable.

On the other hand, if the child comes and tells you that I have cleaned a room and can give me extra screen time, it’s a bribe.

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