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Google Search gets a ‘makeover’ on iPhones, Android phones – Times of India

Google has redesigned the Search app for both iOS and Android. In a blog post, the tech giant has explained why it made changes. It was Google designer Aileen Chang who spearheaded the design overhaul. “We wanted to take a step back to simplify a bit so people could find what they’re looking for faster and more easily,” she says.
Elaborating further on the makeover of Google Search, Chang says, “Rethinking the visual design for something like Search is really complex,” before adding that Search has evolved so much over the year. “We’re not just organising the web’s information, but all the world’s information,” Aileen says. “We started with organising web pages, but now there’s so much diversity in the types of content and information we have to help make sense of.”
Google explained on its blog the five things that led to the redesign of Search and here they are:

Information is key and in focus

Google wanted to search results ‘shine’ and allow people to just focus on information and not other elements. ““It’s about simplifying the experience and getting people to the information they’re looking for as clearly and quickly as possible,” explains Chang in the blog.


Text will be easier to read

Google has used larger and bolder text to ensure people can understand Search results faster.“We’re making the result and section titles bigger, as well,” says Chang. The update also includes more of Google’s own font, which already shows up in Android and Gmail, among other Google products
More visual space on Search
“We decided to create a new edge-to-edge results design and to minimise the use of shadows, making it easier to immediately see what you’re looking for,” says Chang. The overall effect is that users will have more visual space and breathing room for Search results and other content to take center stage.

The use of colours at right places

Google says that it focused on centering content and images against a clean background and using color more intentionally to guide the eye to important information without being overwhelming or distracting.


There’s more of ‘Google’ in the Search

The Google logo has a more roundness now in Search. Google went for more rounded icons and imagery in other apps recently and now it’s coming to Search. The search bar, magnifying glass will be more rounder in Search.


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