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COVID-19: Save your skin from the excessive handwashing – Times of India

Our daily routines have seen a major shift this year because of the global outbreak of COVID-19. People have been more conscious of their basic hygiene in order to prevent the spread of the contagious virus. Of all the significant changes that we are seeing being implemented; handwashing has become a frequent ritual. CDC, WHO, and all the health organizations, as well as other entities, are spreading awareness emphasizing on washing and sanitizing our hands diligently.

While we all understand that this is a necessary course of action to be taken in order to curb the COVID-19 spread, there are few skin concerns related to it. Washing hands frequently and using sanitizers degrade our skin’s outer layer and tend to result in many skin problems such as:

Causing flaky skin – Loss of the outer layer of the epidermis in large, scale-like flakes.

Excessive dry skin – That looks dull and whitish from the lack of moisture.
Developing cracks – This paves the way for bacterias to enter into your body, leading to severe problems later.

Sucking out all the natural moisture & oil from your skin

Here are a few tips to help your hands from drying out and re-gaining that supple skin-

Use a fragrance-free, chemical-free, and mild soap for handwashing.

Do not use a lot of soap. Limit the quantity of soap you are using.

Wash your hands with warm water (not hot).

Do not wipe your hands completely. Pat-dry lightly with a towel.

Apply moisturizer immediately after washing your hands.

Prefer creams and ointments instead of lotions.

Use organic beauty products, natural oils, body-butters, & nourishing things like aloe vera, ghee, coconut oil, almond oil, milk cream, olive oil, etc. These ingredients are good hydrating agents that rebuild lost skin cells.

Opt for natural hand masks to treat your hands with deep nourishment, a supple texture, and an immediate radiant glow.

With inputs from Anita Golani, Founder, iORA.

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