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Xi Jinping orders Chinese military to scale up combat readiness to ‘act at any second’ – Times of India

BEIJING: Chinese president Xi Jinping on Monday ordered his country’s army to be ready to ‘act at any second’, stressing on ‘full-time combat readiness’.
He urged the armed forces to enhance training in real combat conditions to ensure readiness at all times, reported Xinhua.
“People’s Liberation Army (PLA) must be ready to ‘act at any second’ and should remain on ‘full-time combat readiness’,” Xi stressed while adding, “Frontline frictions must be used to polish troop capabilities and training exercises need to incorporate technology.”
In his first order of the Central Military Commission (CMC) in 2021 signed by Xi, he stressed strengthening military training in real combat conditions and the ability to win, reported Xinhua.
The PLA, as the military force of the Communist Party of China, must ‘resolutely implement’ the orders from the CMC and CPC, to mark the 100th anniversary of the party’s founding on July 1 with ‘excellent performances’, he said.
He also suggested a ‘substantial increase’ in the use of technology in its exercises and to keep up with the latest developments in military and hi-tech knowledge.
These included the use of computer simulations and online combat in drills, as well as the exploration of more opportunities to add hi-tech and the internet – known as tech+ and web+ – in training, reported South China Morning Post (SCMP).
“[The PLA must] increase the integration of new equipment, new forces and new combat realms into training and combat systems,” he said.
Last year, in June 2020, China had a bitter experience with India in the Galwan Valley where an undisclosed number of Chinese soldiers perished. A violent face-off took place between the Indian and Chinese soldiers when a sizeable number of Chinese Army transgressed into the Indian side.
Since taking over as president and head of the CMC in late 2012, Xi has consistently pushed the PLA to be prepared for war. He also initiated a massive overhaul of the PLA in 2015 to modernise the Chinese military, planned for completion in 2020, reported SCMP.
In order to checkmate the US in South China Sea PLA also stepped up exercises and air force fly-by operations targeting Taiwan during 2020.

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