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Bizarre fashion trends that 2020 made us tolerate – Times of India

When it comes to fashion, anything and everything turns into a trend if it catches the eye. Social media has been on a whole new level of support to speed fashion trends across the world. While we do welcome a change in fashion when it’s attractive and classy, we sometimes don’t understand the logic behind some. As unpredictable as the year 2020 has been for all of us, it sure made us question some bizarre fashion trends that somehow saw the light of the day around the world. For better or for worse, we’re glad this year is coming to an end and so are these weird fashion trends.

– Grass-stained jeans by Gucci: First and foremost, the fact that they were grass-stained in itself was bizarre enough. But, that’s not all. These pair of jeans cost INR 56,000! For a look like that? We hope nobody invested that kind of money on these jeans. Just roll around in the park and we assure you, you will get the same look FREE! FREE! FREE!

– Potato sack pants: As if grass-stained jeans weren’t given enough attention, somebody decided to come up with potato sack pants. Can someone tell us the logic behind these pants? No? Okay! These definitely made us question the basic sense of mankind, let alone fashion sense. Let’s hope nobody chose to flaunt one of these!

– Baguette bag by Moschino: We’ve seen all kinds of bags, big, tiny, loud, subtle, but a bag that looks like a Subway? Heck no! Moschino decided to design a bag that looks basically like bread and went ahead to sell it for over INR 80,000 because why not?

– Distressed stockings by Gucci: Not to sound too offensive but rich people can really entertain anything and everything in the name of fashion. Another bizarre fashion trend for 2020 was these distressed stocking by Gucci. To invest a huge amount of money in a pair of torn stockings? We think not! Well, we’d tear the ones we own already to get that look, no?

– Fried chicken crocs: Crocs, but make it fashion…with some fried chicken print on it. Sure! Sounds like a big fail? What was up with the fashion market this year? Literally, no one was waiting for this fashion trend, or at least we hope so.

– Arm warmer sweater: Fast fashion brand, Zara which is based in Spain hit headlines for its arm warmer that is being deemed both stylish and bizarre by fashion lovers. The fast-fashion label is offering its knit arm warmer sweater with high collar and long sleeves at the price of INR 1,500 approximately.

– Pillow shoes: All the major luxury fashion labels have come up with home shoes this season, thanks to the unending quarantine. And, French fashion house Louis Vuitton, in their S/S 2021 collection has just showcased pillow shoes or pillow boots. Well, these are sock-like cozy shoes made with nylon, and made with a purpose to keep one warm.


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