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Are hot showers a reason for hair loss during winter? – Times of India

Taking a hot steaming shower after a long day at work during winters can surely help you release stress, but is it really the right thing to do? We all are well aware of the fact that winters can take a toll on your skin, it leads to itchiness, flaky/dry skin and hair fall but so can hot showers. We got in touch with Dr. Syed, a dermatologist, aesthetic and hair transplant surgeon at Royal Lush Clinic, New Delhi to explain how hot showers can affect here health and here’s what he had to say.

Does Water Temperature affect your hair?
Hair loss is inevitable, but have you ever noticed that it’s much more during winters? Excessively hot showers can affect the well-being of your hair and scalp. Hot showers have a tendency to make your hair feel dry, frizzy and weak which results in hair fall. This does not mean to completely give up hot showers, but it is recommended to use lukewarm water for your shampooing so that it doesn’t harm your hair in anyway.

How does hot water affect your hair?

Hot water helps you unclog your pores and get rid of dirt.
Helps stimulates blood flow.

Opens up your scalp cuticles.


Hot water takes away your scalp’s natural oils, leaving it looking frizzy and brittle.

Makes your scalp dry which leads to dandruff, irritation and itchiness.

It makes your roots weak, leading to excessive hair loss and fizziness.

It damages the texture of your hair which results in breakage and brittleness.

How does cold water affect your hair?

Cold water helps you safeguard your scalp’s natural oils making your hair feel healthy and manageable.

It locks up the moisture making your hair smooth and shiny.

It closes your pores, making it look healthy, shiny and less greasy for long.

Helps in controlling breakage.

Improves your blood circulation and also promotes hair growth.

Helps maintain the important nutrients and oils.


Cold water might sometime lessen the volume of your hair as it locks moisture in your hair and extra moisture can sometime weigh down your hair. It can be uncomfortable during winters.

Seasonal hair loss or hair loss in general is a natural process which can’t be avoided and the battle between hot shower and cold showers will never end. Both of them have their own pros and cons. But it is highly recommended to use cold water or lukewarm water while shampooing for better looking, silky smooth hair.

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