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Coronavirus infection: Should you wear a face mask at home? | The Times of India

Almost a year into the pandemic and we all have come to know that mask really work. When you are outdoors you do not know who is infected with the virus, so the mask acts as a protective shield. But when it comes to meeting your known people indoors, many think that wearing a mask might look like an overkill.

In reality, it is not. With the relaxation of the lockdown norms, people have started moving freely and visiting their friends and family, which they have been avoiding. This does not mean that they do not need to worry about the infection. As per the expert, you are only safe around people who live with you in the same house and whenever you are meeting others you must put on your mask.

That’s because you and your family members might have been taking all the necessary precautions to stay safe, but you cannot be sure about every relative or any other person who shows up at your door. Instead of assuming anything, it is best to take your safety in your hand. It is important to wear a mask when someone who doesn’t live with you enters your home. You should even ask the other person politely to do the same.

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