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Tips to remember while washing your face based on your skin type – Times of India

Everyone has read a lot about how important washing your face really is. But how many of you know how to wash your face based on your skin type? That’s what matters the most. If you don’t pay attention to the cues that your facial skin tries to give you, you might end up damaging your skin all the more. This brings us to talk about the tips to wash your face the right way based on your skin type.

– For oily skin: You should look for a foam-based face wash or cleansing gel. Opt for foam-based products that deeply cleanse without stripping off the skin of all the oil. If your skin is acne-prone, cleansers are a great way to apply an active ingredient to the skin without having it sit for too long. Double cleansing with an oil followed by a water-based cleanser is ideal to get rid of sebum and grime. Patting your skin dry and applying a toner after cleansing will help.

– For dry skin: Dry skin needs special care as washing it with the wrong products will only worsen the flakiness and dryness. It’s advisable to choose products that are alcohol-free and lend hydration to the skin. Make sure these products are also free of parabens and fragrances. While traveling, you can dab a little face oil and then wipe it off with an alcohol-free wipe when you’d want to clean your face. Wash off your gel or balm cleansers by splashing water on your face and pat drying your skin with a clean towel.

– For combination skin: Avoid products that are too strong as they can strip off the skin’s natural oils. Combination skin requires a balanced product as certain parts of the skin are dry while T-zone and chin can get oily. Use a mild, gel-based face wash that cleanses the face without drying it. Micellar water is an effective option to cleanse this skin type. Use an exfoliating scrub at least twice a week after washing your face. It cleanses oil build-up in combination skin. Apply an alcohol-free toner after the face wash as it helps remove residual collection in the pores and minimises them. Massage the scrub gently over the blocked rough skin to take off the grime and oil build-up before washing it off. Pat dry your face and follow it up with a toner.

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